About Us

Alex and Beth are from Nashville, TN, have moved to Austin, TX and are Certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. Because fitness has been a part of their lives and is what brought them together, they felt the need to make their passion their careers. They started AB's Fitness, LLC. with the vision of helping people become a better version of themselves through health and fitness.

AB's Fitness, LLC. is a personal training business for all aspects of fitness - weight loss and transformations, strength, bodybuilding, functional and general fitness. Their trainers   

have experience in helping in all areas not only for clients, but for themselves. If you're looking for personal trainers/coaches that understand what you are going through, AB's Fitness may be a great fit for you.


For in-person training and bodybuilding posing sessions, they are located at Anytime Fitness in Pflugerville, TX.