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Interested in Personal Training? 

Alex Keller
Alex graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School, has worked in management in the restaurant industry for over 6 years, and found bodybuilding when he was ready to set a new goal for himself. He has competed in several NPC Men's Physique & Bodybuilding shows in Tennessee and Texas. 
Alex is certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition and is the Lead Instructor for the Fitness Trainer Academy in Pflugerville, TX. He has experience with weight loss, strength, cross training, and bodybuilding clients and also coaches bodybuilding posing. As a coach, Alex strives to set you up for success for the future, give you the tools, guidance and knowledge to make a change in your lifestyle, and become a better, faster, stronger YOU.
Beth Carr
Beth graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010 and is certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. She is a Pro Athlete in the Naturally Fit Federation and is a sponsored athlete with Bodacious Bikinis located in Hutto, TX. Along with in-person and remote personal training, she specializes in posing coaching for all federations.
Beth has helped many clients through bodybuilding competitions, weight loss clients through transformations, strength clients become stronger, and general fitness clients make fitness part of their normal lifestyles. She works with clients ranging from never-been-in-a-gym-before to stay-at-home moms to elite athletes. No matter what level you are at, she can help get you to where you want to be.
Farrah Kugman

Farrah is originally from St. Louis, Missouri where she graduated from high school in 2005. She attended college, working towards her nursing degree, but then changed her path to focus more on personal training and helping others meet their goals.


Farrah competed in NPC Women’s Figure in 2013. She then veered more towards cross training. Farrah has been doing cross training for almost five years with a focus on Olympic Weight lifting. Farrah has competed in local Crossfit competitions and USAW Regionals for Olympic Weight Lifting.  Her training techniques vary from bodybuilding, to cross training and Olympic weightlifting. She is also a Sports Nutrition expert, with the ability to help with fat loss, muscle building and increasing overall health.


Farrah believes in making fitness fun! Motivating others and helping them see what they are really capable of. 

Emily Talley

Emily graduated from UT Austin with a focused Kinesiology degree in Health Promotion. She has worked as a nutrition specialist &/or lead trainer for companies such as Snap Kitchen, Naturally Fit and other local fitness & CrossFit studios. As an athlete, she has a background as a competitive CrossFit athlete and is currently competing as a Natural Figure Pro in the NFF. 


As a coach, Emily believes in empowering each client with the tools and skills to create a lifestyle change that will stick - no more yo-yo dieting!  She works with clients ranging from couch potatoes to elite athletes - so no matter your starting point or your goals, she can work to create a plan specific to YOU.

Leanne Edgar

Leanne is located at PAC Fitness in Prosper, TX (Dallas area). She is a certified personal trainer with 8 years of experience in personal training, small group training, and group fitness. She specializes in weight loss, transformation, and competition prep. Leanne has competed in multiple Bikini Bodybuilding competitions and understands the commitment it takes to make lifestyle changes. 

Leanne and her husband Shawn are also distributors with Advocare nutritional company. They live in Frisco, TX and have three kids, RJ, Lillian, and Evan.