I'm out of shape!

January 13, 2019

Week one into my 2019 prep has been great! I had some highs and I had some lows. I say "lows", but more-so just some challenges -- OUT OF SHAPE challenges! 🤣 


Last Sunday, Alex and I signed back up with Costco to save money on more bulk foods since we are both in prep and eat a lot of the same things, we grocery shopped, we cooked up some salmon, we worked on client programs, and got prepared for this new week and first week of prep for not just us, but our clients as well. Monday, we did measurements and pictures (see below my before pictures), weighing in at 154.2 and 24.65%BF. Alex gave me my macros and gave me one day of cardio. And from there, it began!


I'm on 2,200 calories, a 4-day split workout program, and 1 day of HIIT cardio. I've hit my macros to a "T" every day, I've given my workouts my all, but man that cardio SUCKED! Since I am on a 4 day split, I decided to plan my cardio day in between the first two days and last two days. Since it is HIIT cardio of my choosing, I chose to do 30 second sprints, 30 second rests. A few times I had to walk for a minute or two to get my heart rate down! (It got up to 197!! 💀💀) It took me 28 minutes to complete, my heart rate was on average 175, and I felt like I hadn't ran/sprinted in years! My calves are STILL SORE. 


My first leg day was super good, but left me super sore. I was nervous to go into leg day number two, but my back was starting to feel better and I rolled out and stretched enough to get through and have a good workout. I've tried to roll out more, stretch more, and warm up properly before my workouts, and even after workouts. Wednesday - Saturday, when I'm laying down on the couch or in bed I have been on a heating pad for my back, and it's been helping A LOT. I also grabbed some Dr. Teals Aches & Pains Bath Salt & Lavender Bath Soap to soak my sore body in. I LOVE ME SOME BATH TIME! 🛀


Some things that have been really helpful for me this first week is being okay with eating some of the same things everyday. For example, Monday - Thursday I had Noosa Yogurt & Pumpkin Granola with Golden Kiwi for snack, either chicken or beef tacos 🌮🌮 (two of them each day!), and an almond butter & fig spread sandwich🥪. Breakfast and my last thing before bed have all been different, but my main meals have been roughly the same. My schedule has been very organized because I took the time to make sure my planner was up to date, I knew when I was working out and where and with who, and when I had downtime or not. My man and most of my friends and clients are all prepping. This helps so much because we're all on the same page. 


Today, Sunday, January 13th, my weight is 153. I am not worried right now about losing much, I need to focus on being consistent, being happy during this prep, and enjoying every step of the way. Thanks for reading my blog and following my journey! 


💜 - Beth 



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