Preparation Is KEY

January 16, 2019

Preparation is KEY!!


So, I’ve been trying to be more flexible this prep than I have been in the past.  Which sort of works...but then again not really...for me anyway. There are people out there that can just piece together their macros as they go through their day and end up hitting each number with dialed in accuracy 💯.  This is NOT me 😒. During my off season I would take this approach, typically landing somewhere within +/- 10-15g of any given macro goal (typically + 😉 ) During my off season, this isn’t such a huge deal, but when we get into an actual prep dialing in the accuracy & consistency of my macros becomes much more important for not just progress but for consistent data my coach can use to assess how/if the program outlined is working and if any tweaks need to be made.


Up to this point...literally up to today as I write this, I have been planning out my first meals of the day but leave macros in the bank for my last couple of meals at home and I don’t plan my weekend. This weekend I ate out twice and “guesstimated” my macros ...very loosely. Last night I grazed on bullshit in my kitchen while I figured out how to finish off my macros for the night 🤦‍♀️


So, I’m done with that! I HAVE to get back to the level of preparedness I’ve always had in previous preps. My last prep was my first time doing it flexible dieting/macros based but I still sat down every week and planned out what I was going to eat that week for every meal. It helped keep me on track and successful for that competition.


Preparation is KEY and moving forward I will meal plan out my weeks INCLUDING WEEKENDS- to make sure I hit my macros with dialed in accuracy 💯


To help keep me accountable to this level of preparedness, I will share my menu for the week on my next blog! 👩‍💻



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