Finding My Groove

January 25, 2019


3 Months Down and finally finding my groove. January marks 3 months in to what is going to end up a 9 month prep to my first show in July and almost a full year of prep to my second show in September.

It has definitely taken me all if this past 3 months to get my mind right but I am finally starting to feel like I’m hitting a my stride.

One of my biggest challenges this prep is my new job. Up to this point I have worked solely/full time in the fitness industry during my competition preps. I made my own hours, went to the gym on my time and worked around people that not only understood the prep life but lived it too!

In October, the same month I started prep, I began my new full time job as an Events Coordinator at the Austin Convention Center*. This job has definitely thrown a wrench in my game! My hours are defined by a schedule not in my control and at the mercy of our events schedule. Sometimes I have to be at work by 9am, some days 6am and some 6pm. It varies weekly/biweekly/monthly, again it all depends on what events we have in house. The good news is I get my schedule about 1-2 months in advance. So I can set out my schedule for the rest of my life around that.
After a good amount of trying to find a sense of routine and somewhat failing because the schedule is always changing I’ve finally come to the realization that each week needs to be laid out. This means that every Sunday I sit down with my planner and PLAN out the week. I set out my work hours first and then what times I’ll go to the gym to lift, when I’ll get my cardio in, when I’ll work on my client check-ins and programming, and when I’ll run my personal errands. Then STICK to that plan.

In addition to this new schedule, on any given event day I can easily hit between 15-20k steps! I underestimated how much energy these days would take from me. Between the step count and the stress of the event itself, it can be exhausting. To the point I found myself skipping workouts - which isn’t exactly good when bodybuilding is based on muscle which comes from working out...duh. So, I’ve had to also change up my mentality on this and take this into account when planning out my weeks. If I do end up having an event on the same day I need to hit a workout then I will try to make it an upper body focused day or if legs is unavoidable (some events can last a week or more - think SXSW y’all ) then I need to get in and do what I can- that may mean skipping the squats and hitting accessory work instead. The key is to get in something and not just skip it all together.

So, like I said in the beginning of this post, it has taken every part of the past 3 months for me to finally feel like I’m in a groove.

*I’m still involved in fitness (obviously lol) coaching a limited roster of clients, emceeing shows and assisting with coordinating fitness events (bodybuilding, athlete searches, etc) as much as my time permits :)


Update from last week’s blog: I set out a menu and stuck to it! I am currently on 5 lowmacro days/ 2 high macro days. That said, here’s what was on this week’s menu:

Higher Macro Days (Saturday & Sunday) 

Saturday- I had movie night with my girls so I made sure to pack up pre-measured and portioned out snacks to bring with me:


  • Whole Grain English Muffin w/ Cream Cheese, 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites

  • Sandwich made with 2 slices whole grain bread, 1 slice 2% Colbi Jack cheese and 3 ounces deli turkey.

  • Overnight oats

  • ½ cup nonfat plain yogurt, ½ cup dry oats, 1T honey, 50g berries

  • Chicken, Pretzel Crisps (my FAVE), HEB’s Fresh Go Pack with baby carrots, diced cheddar cheese, grapes and pretzels (i really like pretzels- ha!), M&M’s and SweetTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes (Movie night)

Sunday- NFC Championship Game Day, the hubs and I are at BIG New Orleans Saints fans, so I planned out my food so I could snack all day while watching football:

  • Pillsbury Butter Tastin’ Biscuits, Strawberry Preserves, 1 whole egg and egg whites.

  • Smoked Turkey, pinto beans, bbq sauce, fresh baked french bread

  • Chicken & Pretzel Crisps, Dark chocolate Kit-Kat bar & SweetTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes

Lower macro days (M-F)

  • Whole Grain English Muffin w/ Cream Cheese, 1 whole egg and egg whites

  • Salad made with greens (kale, mustard, turnip), broccoli slaw, diced apple, chicken and a light balsamic dressing.

  • The Protein Cookie - chocolate chip

  • Sandwich made with 2 slices whole grain bread, 1 slice 2% Colbi Jack cheese and 3 ounces deli turkey.

  • Overnight oats- ½ cup nonfat plain yogurt, ½ cup dry oats, 1T honey, 50g berries

Physique update-
Starting Weight: 150
Current weight: 136 this morning (Friday 2/25)
25 Weeks until INBF Muscle Mayhem - Sacramento CA on July 20th
33 Weeks until NFF Poseidon Classic Pro Show - Galveston TX on September 14th

Progress pics: taken Tuesday 2/21 at a weight of 138 coming off a high macro weekend. Also, you’ll see some round bruise looking things on my back- this is from an AMAZING sports massage I had on Sunday where she utilized a technique called cupping. Doesn’t hurt and I can’t even feel the marks after the massage. Knot in Pain for more info-
Final note on these pic...That face on that front pose tho!!!! LMAO!












































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