Unrealistic Expectations…

May 10, 2019

What’s going on everyone! It’s been a while since I have written a blog, and I apologize! It’s been crazy busy with training, clients, working second jobs, birthdays….well, LIFE! I wanted to get on here and share an experience with you that I feel so many of us experience. Luckily, I have the right people in my life to help me snap out of negativity and I believe that my experience has helped me re-evaluate my feelings and expectations.


I started this “prep” on January 7th (well records show my weight was logged on the 10th..whatevs), and my weight was 153.8lbs and my body fat percentage was 24.65% (measured by Alex with a skinfold caliper and a handheld BIA – and taking the average of the two). My weight S T R U G G L E D to move for the first, what it seemed like FOREVER, 8 weeks. I maybe lost a couple pounds, but I was also being fed my maintenance macros. After 8 weeks, we decided to move some numbers around and give me a little bit more cardio. Again, my weight was still holding pretty steady. Alex says that most of us females are so hard to diet. And he is SO RIGHT. My body was just being so stubborn! Finally, after a week or two on new numbers and cardio, it gave in. My weight finally started to drop some. My physique started changing, you could see it in my face, and here we are about a week ago when I decided to check my body fat percentage again. I just wanted to see after roughly three months, what my body has really done.


This next part of my story is where I believe most of us struggle. I weighed myself that morning (144lbs) and went into the gym. I was really excited to see my progress, and even Summer got pictures of Alex measuring me and you could tell I was having fun with it. Alex measured me again with the skinfold calipers and the handheld BIA, we averaged the two numbers, and we got a whopping 22.8%. While I tried not to look disappointed, on the inside I was not very happy. Summer got a picture of me looking at my phone and you can see the disappointment on my face. Alex started his workout and I went out to ask if he thought it was accurate. He immediately shut me down because he knew no matter what he said it wouldn’t help. He also didn’t want to hear it. He hates that I get so upset about body weight and body fat. So, I turned away and decided to get on the treadmill while I waited for Farrah to get there to workout.


As I am on this treadmill I can just feel myself getting upset. But WHY? Why am I so upset? That’s progress! I’ve lost almost 10lbs and 2% body fat in three months! That’s P R O G R E S S. I then started thinking to myself, “What the hell did I even expect? Did you think you were going to be in the teens just after three months? If so, that’s more than 5% body fat you would have to lose. And if you have only lost 10lbs, 5-6% body fat loss is UNREALISTIC.” Yes, I am on the treadmill and this entire conversation between the angel and the devil on each shoulder is going on. The devil wants to be upset and blame the process. But the angel is trying to be realistic and understand the data. The angel won. My experience over the past couple years and my work on my self love allowed that angel to win. My attitude changed almost instantly, and I turned this situation around and thought “I need people to know that we all go through this and it’s ok. But we have to know when to reign our emotions in and understand the facts and be ok with our progress.”


And that’s why I am writing this blog. I should be PROUD of the progress I have made, not disappointed. And guess what? I AM. I am so proud. I have a lot going on in my life and the fact that I have made it over three months of being pretty damn consistent, but also enjoying life when I can, in moderation, and handle working two jobs, and see 10lbs and 2% body fat loss, I AM PROUD.


I started this prep out with the sole purpose of getting on stage. That was the main reason I wanted to start a prep. But so much as changed. I am not saying I won’t be competing, I still plan to compete in September, but this prep/lifestyle this year is about so much more. And if it takes longer for me to get there, that’s 100% ok. I want to feel good in my body during the summer. I want to ease into a leaner physique, not crash diet hard and then rebound later. I want after my competition to PROPERLY reverse diet. After competition, into “off-season” I want to learn to maintain a better weight, my goal is below 140lbs. I want to do this for ME. Getting on stage would just be the cherry on top.


One of the main things we all learn when setting goals is making sure they are SMART. I know, I know…she’s about to go into some business bullshit… but for real. Making sure any goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, REALISTIC, and Timely, is going to help you meet those goals. In this specific blog, my UNREALISTIC expectations of losing more body fat percentage than I actually lost left me upset and not a proud person. Which should not have been the case. This is a lesson I have learned and something I truly believe will help me when I am having some of these same reactions from my clients.


Never forget, slow progress is still PROGRESS. Stop being so hard on yourself and be proud of the progress you make. I hope that this blog helps at least one person. You are beautiful, you are strong, and you can do ANYTHING.


Happy Friday y’all!


💜💜 - Beth



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