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January 1, 2019



Hey #fitfam! Beth here...🙋‍♀️ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!🎉 It's January 1st, it's a New Year, it's 2019!! 


Is anyone else thinking "where did last year go??" Although it went by fast, I am super excited about this new year. There's a lot of new things happening in my life this year, I am ready to work so hard for them. To name a few really IMPORTANT items, we are building our AB's Fitness brand, competing, building a HOUSE. But in order for me to work towards these things, I gotta get my mind right. 


About 5 months ago, Alex and I decided since we love Austin so much, we were ready to settle in and buy a home. After going through several lenders, working with our realtor, and going through many homebuilders, we finally figured out that we want to build our first home together. We figured out WHERE we want to live, WHO we want to build our house, and WHAT it's going to take to get there. Therefore, the next 7-9 months are going to be "heads down, asses to work, super-saving" modes. 


To help with this, a really easy way to save money (especially on the food side) is to compete! Plus, it's time to get back on stage. I am so ready to feel the adrenaline and excitement of walking across the stage to show off the months of hard work and dedication I have commited to. This is going to keep me focused on working and saving money, working in the gym and on my diet, and working on building the AB's Fitness Brand. get to the real point of this blog post... GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. How many of you come up with an idea and jump on it like white on rice? I've done it....don't be afraid to admit it. Especially when it comes to New Years Resolutions, and especially when it comes to FITNESS. You want to jump on the Paleo, Clean Eating, Crossfit, or Yoga bandwagons and then don't realize what you're getting yourself into. 


My tips on GET YOUR MIND RIGHT from a FITNESS perspective: 

  1. Understand what you are getting into...

    • Memberships, personal trainers, competitions, etc. All of these things should be researched.

    • Joining a gym just because it is running a New Year's special doesn't mean you should jump right into signing a year contract. Instead, I am sure they offer a one week or one day free pass that you can use to see if that gym fits your style, you like the facility, the atmosphere is welcoming, whatever the case that makes that gym a fit for you. 

    • Deciding you need a personal trainer - don't just go with the first person. I am saying this as a Personal Trainer. Same with a gym, you need to make sure it's a fit. Plus, you should do research on them to make sure they are the best for your needs. If a personal trainer doesn't have any experience in competing or ever coaching someone through a Bodybuilding competition, do you really think it would be wise to hire them? Make sure you understand how the personal trainer charges and what they offer. 

    • Deciding to do a competition - whether it's Crossfit, Transformation, Bodybuilding, Marathon, Triathlon, Spartan Race; you should research what it all entails. For example, since I compete and coach in bodybuilding: Hiring a coach (what's the cost of this), how long should you be training for it (please don't think you can get ready in 8 weeks if you have never competed...and don't trust a trainer who says they can get you there, JS), posing, competition suits, membership fees, show fees, tanning fees, the list keeps on going. There's SO MUCH involved, and you need to be prepared for it. 

  2. Once you understand what you are getting into...

    • Is this the right time in your life to be doing this? 

    • Do you have a family, a job, a social life? If so, will this easily fit in? If not, are you willing to make it fit in? 

  3. What happens when life throws you a wrench or there become a huge bump in the road? 

    • Are you able to continue through the hard times? Are you prepared for something to happen that might make it harder to make this fitness lifestyle part of your life? 

  4. Last but most importantly: Do you have a support system? 

    • This support system can be your family, your friends, your coworkers, a personal trainer, a team...

    • If you do have a family, a husband or wife, parents, friends, coworkers that are even in the slightest of not supportive, are you able to push past this? There will be naysayers, haters, negative people, people who think they know everything and what you're doing is wrong or "unhealthy", and you need to be PREPARED. 


I could be missing some others, and if I come up with another suggestion/tip, I will post them in the comments, but I feel that these are some super important things for you to look at before you jump into any decision. 



Y'all stay tuned for more blog posts! Emily, Farrah and I are all going to blog our bodybuilding preps this year and will be sharing with you some of our tips, recipes, how-to's, etc. 


Happy New Year yall! 

💜💜💜 - Beth 

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