Let's Do This Thing!

January 4, 2019

Hey Y'all - Emily here!


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about 2019! ...then again I get excited with the start of every New Year - it’s a great time for reflection on all the good and the bad from the passing year and a time to set up an action plan to make the coming year great!


That said, this year will be a competition year for me. My last competition was my Pro Figure Debut at the NFF Poseidon Classic in September 2017. I placed 5th at that event. I walked into my Pro Debut proud to have followed through despite some extreme personal circumstances (more on that later...maybe ;) ). I also walked onto that stage my leanest ever- 9.6% per a DEXA scan the day before the event. My symmetry and conditioning were both great, but my muscular development was lacking...I was small in comparison to the beautiful thoroughbreds I was up against. So, I decided to take the entirety of 2018 off from competing to work on improving my physique.  I have spent the last year eating, lifting, traveling and enjoying my extended “off season”. I stepped on the stage in 2017 at 110# and 9.6% body fat. In October, 2018 I weighed in at 149# (BF% unknown) and kicked off my long prep journey for the 2019 season.


This brings me to now and this blog…


I plan to journal my 2019 prep journey here. I will be open and honest about my struggles and triumphs. Share with you how I tackle the bad and celebrate the good. I will also share along the way prep-life hacks, recipes & meal prep tips, workouts and more. I invite you to ask questions, comment and become apart of this journey with me!


My goals for this 2019 Season --

I’d like to come in about 5+ pounds heavier on stage with the same (or lower) body fat %

Competition #1 -- July 20th, 2019- WNBF Muscle Mayhem in Sacramento California

Competition #2-- September 14th, 2019- NFF Poseidon Classic




Let’s do this damn thing!


If you are interested in remote or in-person training, contact us! 




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