Low Carbs? No Probs!

March 5, 2018

I’m a lover of oatmeal. Always have and always will! While on prep or cutting back on carbs, I’m searching for options to allow me to have oats or something similar with lower carbs. I’ve done my hashtag searches of #volumefoods #lowcarbbreakfast #lowcarboats #cauliflowerrecipes and stumbled upon Cauliflower Oats! Many people have their own method and ways to prepare them. I came up with what suits my carb need and palate the best. 


My Cauli-Oats Recipe: 

7oz riced cauliflower (throw in blender and make it finer than the riced size)

1/3 cup oats

85 g liquid egg whites

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

Dash of cinnamon (in Beth’s case, half the container) 

Stevia to taste

Walden farms syrup/ Sugar free jelly 



1. Weigh out cauliflower in food processor and blend until almost the texture of grits

2. Place in bowl and add 1/4 cup water or less and mix to wet the cauliflower (It almost looks like a paste)

3. Microwave for 3 minutes (More time if you use more cauliflower) 

4. Add oats and almond milk

5. Microwave for another 30-45 seconds 

6. Add egg whites, mix and microwave for about 1 minute (The bowl will be hot so BE CAREFUL!)

7. Stir and add in desired sweeteners and cinnamon 

8. Add any additional toppings if you have the macros for it; I top mine with peanut butter to hit my fats but you can add whatever your heart desires! 


Macro Breakdown (this does NOT include the peanut butter I top mine with at the end)

175 Calories

15g Protein

25g Carbs (15g lower than if you used 3/4 cup of oats which has 40.5g of carbs!)

3g Fat

5g Fiber


Check out the picture of the steps below. Please like, share, and comment if you like this recipe and if you try it, let us know what your thoughts! 

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