Taco Tuesday!

February 13, 2018


It's the new craze: #tacotuesday! Everyone is enjoying tacos and margaritas and you're trying to maintain your healthy lifestyle. So what? You can enjoy some tacos too, and make it healthy, fit your macros and participate in that same craze. 


This homemade taco salad is great because it's macro friendly (and you can adjust the recipe if you want to fit YOUR macros), it's zesty and spicy, it's crunchy, and it's perfect for any Mexican dinner night or any Taco Tuesday event. The "mock"arita recipe is great to participate with your friends with real margaritas but in a more macro friendly way (and without the hangover ;)). 


Taco Salad: 

1 Flatout Flatbread Multigrain(I used this instead of a tortilla) 

3 oz Ground Beef (I used 85% Lean 15% Fat)

100 g Baby Bella Mushrooms

100 g Onion

1 cup Lettuce (you can use whatever is your preference)

1 oz Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese (you can also use whatever type of cheese you prefer)




Spray an oven safe bowl with non-stick cooking spray, place tortilla in bowl and spray it as well (to get crispy), place in the oven at 400 degrees until golden brown and to your crisp preference. Brown ground beef in a skillet with your preferred seasonings (taco seasoning is the best...come on..it's #tacotuesday for crying out loud) and add onions and mushrooms until all cooked. When tortilla is crispy, add lettuce inside the tortilla bowl, add ground beef, mushrooms and onions mixture, then top off with shredded cheese and salsa. Because I only had one tortilla, not all of my ingredients fit inside the tortilla bowl so that's why it's scattered all around it too in the picture. 


To have a little "mock"arita with your taco salad, use these ingredients for a calorie free drink! 



Lime Margarita Calorie Free Liquid Drink Enhancer (find at H-E-B or your local grocer) 

Pink Himalayan Salt 

Topo Chico or any type of sparkling/mineral water



Fancy Margarita Glass (optional)



In a glass, fill with ice, grind 3-4 rounds of Pink Himalayan Salt, squeeze a half of a lime, squeeze 3-4 good squeezes of the Lime Margarita Liquid and top with Topo Chico. All of this is to taste, so if you like your margaritas salty, add more salt; if you like it super tart, use a whole lime; if you like them sweet, use more Lime Margarita liquid; if you like it more bubbly, use less ice and more Topo. Want it super festive, rim your glass with lime juice and salt and serve in a classic margarita glass. Want to actually enjoy some tequila with it, add it! Just know now it's not calorie free. ;) 


Hope you enjoyed this article and these macro friendly recipes. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more nutrition and workout tips, tricks, and fun information. If you tried either of these recipes, feel free to comment with a picture and your thoughts below and let us know how it turned out! 


Adios amigos! 


Macros for my Taco Salad: 

424 calories

36 g Protein

20 g Carbs

24 g Fat

11 g Fiber



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