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February 27, 2019

As some of you have noticed, I’ve been kind of distant on social media the past few weeks. I started the year strong wanting to be super motivational, share with y’all my whole way through prep, I was posting pictures and workouts every day or at least every week, on my IG/FB story a lot... and then I dropped off.


Well, a lot is going on in my personal life, GREAT THINGS, that has kind of put my social media time to a bit of a hold.. or more of not an everyday thing. And it’s mainly because I’m so exhausted that I haven’t wanted to be social on social media.



If you’re close friends or family, you know what’s going on... Alex and I GOT PRE-APPROVED to BUILD our first home together!!!🙌👏 This has been a long time coming, or for us impatient folk what seems like a long time! We know that most normal people save up for first homes FOR YEARS before getting their first homes. Alex and I aren’t like most normal people. 🤷🏼‍♀️


We started this process last August. We decided last year that we loved Austin, TX so much that we wanted to put some roots down here. We’ve got a great business we’ve started, amazing clients, found some of our core best friends here, have a wonderful support system, and just want to stay here for a while. But we don’t want to continue renting a home that we will never own or really want to own. So, why not buy a house? After going to several open houses for resale homes, every home that we loved still always had one or two things that we would need or want to change. So one day we went in to a model home for a different outlook, and were blown away by the possibilities! We could build what we want! AND for roughly the same prices that the resale homes we were looking at! We ended up finding a builder and a layout that we really liked, but their in-house lending didn’t offer loans we were looking for.



The biggest issue we had run into was getting pre-approved. We are entrepreneurs, owning a small business, and never planned for building/buying a home in the past so that it would just be easy to give them W2s or our tax returns to show that we do actually make enough money to own a home. We finally met with a lender that said that it was possible. But we had some homework to do over the holidays and to come back after the new year.


After the new year, the home builder we were looking at using ended up removing the layout that we wanted to use from their build list! WTH!? Little did we know it was more of a blessing in disguise. Alex started looking at more homes on Zillow and ended up finding a model of a home roughly in the same area that we were looking to build, but it was with a different builder. We talked to some of our buddies that work in home building to make sure they’re legit and quality builders and then decided to go tour the model.


Come to find out, we weren’t a huge fan of the model in that neighborhood. But they had a one-story model in another neighborhood that the rep said she knows we may really like. One story? Ehhh, we were really looking for the 1.5/2 story so we could have the bonus/media/game area. No problem, they have it in that floor plan. Hold on.. so you’re telling me that this house that’s a one story home has 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a huge open kitchen to the family room, a formal dining room, a study, a nice size utility room, AND the option for a media room? No way. We decided to go look at it, but in the back of our minds we were already writing it off.


Well let me tell you, NEVER write anything off until you’ve seen it. Alex and I walked in and were both IN LOVE. We were in AWE. The layout flows beautifully, the media room fits perfect with the rest of the house, all the bedrooms and kitchen and study and dining room were spacious... I mean at 2900 sq ft, it’s a big ass one story home! It has the tall ceilings we want, a beautiful patio with the option to upgrade that Alex wants, it has my bay windows in the master, a huge walk-in master closet (uhhh duh, a girl needs her big ass closet 💁‍♀️), two car garage... I’m so excited!


But now... let’s get back to the financing. This builder has lenders that work with small business owners! There’s definitely still homework we have to do over the next six months in the build time, but it’s definitely POSSIBLE FOR US!!!



We signed a contract on a lot, paid our earnest money, had the design appointment and paid the design deposit (that was a ton of pretty fucking pennies), and they have us scheduled to break ground on March 14th!!! 


To say I am PROUD, is an understatement. I am SO PROUD of us. WE did this. We ARE doing this. And in 6 months, all of this hard work will be all worth every square foot of that 2900 square foot home!



While our business is great, and we’re doing well, we still need to come up with a hefty down payment and since we’re building, this will give us plenty of time. BUT, in the meantime, Alex and I decided to pick up second jobs. Alex went back to Eddie Vs serving, and I decided to pick up Shipt shifts in our free time! This is why we’re so exhausted. 


This is why I’ve not been on social media as often, working nonstop, still training all my clients and trying to be the best trainer for them, still training myself, dieting for competition, saving some room for friends and our puppies...and very very little time for ourselves.


This is where I get into my prep and why I’ve been beating myself up over the past week. 


And I hope you’re still reading my blog.......

And if you’re not.... come back later and finish!


I think most of us in the fitness lifestyle will all agree that LIFE... CAN... AND... WILL... get in the way. And STRESS can get overwhelming and can slow progress. BUT also, our MINDS can also get in the way. This is why I am thankful for the support I have in Alex, my friends, my clients, and my family. 


While working two jobs, I am still hitting my macros to a T, I have done all my cardio requirements, I haven't missed a workout, I may not be drinking enough water, but I am trying... Regardless, my prep has no problems...other than when my mind takes control and wants to think that I am super behind and fat AF, and watching the people around me also competing and seeing their bodies change and their weight drop, it makes me second guess everything that I am doing in this prep. I am so thankful I can talk to Alex not just as my better half, but as a trainer, MY TRAINER, and have him talk me off a ledge. He reminded me that we are doing A LOT. 👆👆👆 Remember all the shit I rambled off in the first part of this blog? Yes, the house, two jobs, being a great trainer for my clients, taking care of my animals, being social with my friends when we can, training myself, being a normal human being.... IT IS A LOT. And with all of this comes STRESS. And this prep is NOT going to be easy. BUT I am also taking a way longer prep that I have ever done in the past. 28 weeks prep is A LONG TIME! So being 7 weeks in and thinking I am going to be 15 pounds down is just down right stupid. He reminded me that I am not in a deficit yet, I am not dying from starvation, I am not exhausted from a shit ton of cardio, and my training is only four days a week. And I should NOT be doing all that just yet. He's reminding me in the most polite way possible to TRUST THE DAMN PROCESS! And also give myself a break...there's a lot on my plate and it just might take more time before a ton of results will be shown. 


For those of you who work two jobs, those of you who are mothers and work full time, those of you who are fathers and work full time, those of you who go to school and work part/full time, those of you who HAVE A LOT ON YOUR PLATES.... IT'S OKAY. You're going to have stress and you're going to have weeks and days that you aren't confident or feeling fluffy or FAT AF or exhausted. You still have to give it all you've got if that's still what you want, and trust the process. 


Last thing I want to mention, and I had to apologize to Farrah yesterday for how I was acting, but don't bring others down to your bad attitude level. If they are trying to lift you up, appreciate it and use it to be more positive. Also, what my client AJ mentioned to me that really does speak to me, "don't disrespect anyone's struggle." Just because they have abs doesn't mean they were just born with them. They have worked hard for them! If you want them, you have to work hard for yours! 


Until next time, I GOT GOALS to meet, so catch me on my IG/FB story because I will be sharing updates on the house, me working in the gym and Shipt, and trying to still have a life. I'll try to check in next week with a new blog. 


💜 Beth 

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