You Can Still Have Fun!

January 16, 2019

Week 1 is DONE! It’s been really good so far! I can’t complain. All the food, tough workouts and great support. I still have all the energy in the world. I’m still a dancin’ fool in the gym. My weight has dropped from 142–>138.6. Can’t complain about that either! Considering I’m only doing 1 - 300 calorie HIIT session a week. (That’ll change for sure) 


This week I wanted to talk about having a life while in prep. There are ways you can still enjoy life while on a diet. Last week I had my work holiday party (after the holidays, I know) but I packed a ziplock bag of rice cakes and a protein cookie. I also brought my lemonade Mio. I ordered sparkling water (which looked like a silver beer bottle), I mixed my Mio in it and had a lime garnish. I socially drank my sparkling water, played games at punch bowl with my coworkers, and I still had a blast! I sang and danced my heart out in the karaoke room while munching on my pre-packed snacks. Even better, I was able to drive home, go to bed, and wake up without a hangover. 


I didn’t stress about being invited somewhere due to “being on a diet”. I suggest that you plan ahead! Eat before hand, so you aren’t hungry and won’t be tempted. If you want to bring food with you so you are eating along with everyone else, there are plenty of foods that you can prepare ahead of time. Depending on your macros at that time there's a ton of great snacks you can tote with you:


-The Protein Cookie Co has great macro friendly cookies for easy travel

-Bell peppers, baby carrots, celery, cucumbers

-String cheese


-Rice cakes 

-Peanut Butter and SF Jelly sandwich

-gum (for those sugar cravings)

And so much more


You’re family is in town and wants to go out to dinner?? Don’t fret. Just pack a meal and take it with you! I have packed a meal and brought it with me. I have even asked the server if they could heat it up for me. I have never been denied. I explain that I have very specific diet and that’s that. They were even nice enough bring me a plate to eat my food off of. When you have bigger goals in mind, there is a way.


Traveling out of town?? When traveling by vehicle, you can precook and meal prep a shit ton of meals and take them in a cooler. Simple! You can pack pre weighed out snacks to keep you on track. When traveling by planes: ZIPLOCK BAGGY!! You can pre-cook up a ton of chicken or ground beef and throw those in your carry on or checked bag, pack your scale, protein powders, non-liquid snacks, etc. You can always buy egg whites and other liquid items once you have arrived to your destination. Just be prepared and plan ahead.


How bad do you want this? You CAN achieve it. You just have to be prepared and do whatever it takes.  But don’t isolate yourself just because you are on prep or set macros for a goal. There are ways you can prepare yourself and still enjoy life!


Remember: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


Well, until next time... I’m out! Time to eat! Mmmmm pancakes! With BUTTER! (Y’all seem to forget that butter is an amazing tasty delicious way to hit your fat!) Get after it! 






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